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The GIBS rigorous curriculum and training makes for better placements

The business management schools in India run into several thousand but it is believed that only 7% of the pass outs are employable. That is the dismal truth in the mighty educational infrastructure that India contains. The problems that ail the b-schools are many like theoretical approaches alone, a weak faculty lacking in industry experience and few placements as a result of lacking national and global connections. These standalone institutes certainly cannot be trusted in spite of the tall claims, the large fees and the appearance of quality.

GIBS in Bangalore has proved its quality through successful placements

Admission is the first stage of contact with a b-school that could make a great difference lifelong. The admission process into the MBA, a two-year full-time postgraduate course at GIBS, follows strict protocols. The GIBS authorities make certain that only those capable of fulfilling the requirements of global potential b-managers are selected. Personality training, fulfilling industry requirements, developing analytical ability and learning to cope up with real like situations through case studies, everything is possible with the right ability, skills, and training. Not everyone is born to become b-managers just like all cannot become doctors. 

Management postgraduates find powerful senior positions in diverse industries since their skills fit every field. The chosen sector needs to match their specializations but similar situations would be found in many sectors. Food products, telecommunications, the apparel industry, and the automobile industry are some of the recruiters who knock on the GIBS doors in search of dedicated professionals. They would probably give a lifetime of dedicated service to a single parent company. It is certainly not a good idea to go job-hopping as some managers do though it is a tight competition and opportunities like better offers should not be lost.

Why not earn an MBA at GIBS and get the opportunity to be selected for managerial positions by Bharat Petroleum, Brand Factory, Dalmia, or Imperial Auto? Perhaps JW Mariott, Nandini, Timken or Nestle may find you potentially good and decide to recruit you! Ocean Masters, Parent Lane, and Reliance Jio Infocomm present other great opportunities.
This partial list of recruiters at GIBS thoroughly convinces of the validity of their courses that lead to what every management trainee dreams of. The institution has been showing similar placement records for some years now and it is not a false promise. A network of alumni in top positions globally vouches for the fact that the students are really going places.

The GIBS secret of success

Supported by a world class infrastructure of technology-based education with up to date classrooms and library facilities, the faculty represent the best of IIM traditions. Microsoft and Google are two of the inspirations in training besides affiliation to Mysore University and Bharathiar University in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states. Dual degrees along with dual specializations are offered.

Life Skill and Innovation Program, Campus to Corporate Program, Six Sigma, SAP and optional Foreign Tours are some highlights of the robust certifications for an all-round honing of the mental and physical skills.  Not a moment is wasted during the two years that may appear like a long time but being excessively busy makes it appear like a short and successful duration.

The Bangalore business success motivation

Along with several other factors that spell success like the presence of ample MNCs nearby for productive internships, the Bangalore vibes are challenging and richly satisfying. It used to be a pensioners’ paradise that it continues to be but Bangalore has reached the status of a global city through success in the software industry. That affluence and corporate success are now rubbing off on all those bright-eyed young graduates and postgraduates who are in search of fulfilling careers. The new generation is certainly not happy unless they succeed in bigger ways. That would mean greater productivity for the society and country. Not only are the companies content but the society and nation too are happy at the success of the business managers.


Essentially similar courses, MBA is offered together with PGPM. PGPM may be studied as a one year course too. An industry integrated MBA is offered during weekends. Corporate BBA and Corporate BCom are the other courses offered.

Every aspect of life at GIBS is geared towards business management success. It is in the buildings, the ambiance, the staff and students, and the mammoth supporting infrastructure. There is plenty to do and no time for idleness. A spiritually enlightened approach keeps the system moving night and day on and on towards eventual success. It is a quality hard to define. What makes the world go round? Why are we born? Though there are no ready answers, everybody realizes the latent force that exists in everything and motivates change, the only constant in the universe. GIBS changes too from day to day and positive changes bring trainees closer to the goal each single day.

Besides, GIBS courses are legitimate, recognized by UGC, Ministry of Human Resources Development, NAAC, and AIU. GIBS maintains an ever active Academic and Placement Committee besides a Global Advisory Board.

The unique teaching methodology

Interactive and participative learning essentially succeeds in authentic learning experiences, breaking away from the rigidity of rote textbook knowledge. Guest lectures by industry experts and case studies add to seminars and workshops involving presentations besides project management exercises.

Academic partnerships with several global universities and the multicultural life at GIBS ensure that cosmopolitan thinking emerges. The Global Business Forum and Corporate Social Responsibility are two areas of sustained effort where experts come together in the spirit of dedication to find solutions to common problems with social welfare at heart. Once you belong to that diverse globally strong GIBS culture, lots to do would emerge. Though not so experienced, the institution has seen many changes since its establishment in 2001.
Besides the robust and active life ever on the move in quest of business success, research is the activity that keeps minds busy in exploration. A constant curiosity to learn more and better ensures that knowledge would always expand beyond the present day boundaries. 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Study MBA in GIBS, Bangalore and set up a Small Business with Entrepreneurship skills

Not everybody who pursues management study at the hundreds of b-schools in India and abroad is in search of lucrative campus placements. A large number of them dream of setting up independent ventures that hopefully would grow into giants with time. It is true that the smallest business undergoes an incubation period before it begins to generate profits. That period requires intensive market research and the competition needs to be studied carefully. The location of the business is crucial, selected in an area probably on the main road where a large market is located.
Investments alone are not enough
Since the business world is essentially made up of money, many people think that raising investments is the only barrier to setting up a successful business. Some would dream of miraculous business success if only a large investment was possible. At the beginning of the career, perhaps in the early or middle twenties, most individuals do not have large sums of money available. Obtaining loans require securities that everybody cannot provide.
Training in small business management and entrepreneurship
The situation is different in the case of business families that have followed the same profession for generations. In such a case, business knowledge is inherited and many members of the family work together.
Otherwise, individuals need to study business management and that involves 2 years of MBA study after graduation with preferably some work experience. Twelve years of schooling, three years of graduation and two years of post graduation, making seventeen years of study in all. That is a big price to pay to set up a small business! Yet there are no short cuts and possibly the small business may grow into a big wonder.
Starting small is a universal truth. The biggest businesses globally made humble beginnings! Study of the history of business globally is inspiring. Entrepreneurship is the need of the hour in order to succeed. Just like millions of people find happiness in the services where they work slavishly all their lives, business is more enterprising. There is no fixed salary at the end of every month and no job security. The stakes are high and success could touch the skies but failure could mean bankruptcy.
Not everybody is willing to take the risk and so remain on the safe path with services. Both sides are serving national interests. Truth and integrity, hard work and accomplishment apply to both approaches. It is a passion that gives rise to careers, whether as a service without risk or a business full of risks. A passion for hospitality or healthcare could translate into an innovative hotel or hospital that serves the society and generates revenues. The hotel receives tourists from the world over and the hospital provides treatment to many different nationalities.
The GIBS business management culture
While hundreds of b-schools exist in the Indian educational infrastructure, among the biggest in the world, a few are worthy institutions. Sad it is to say that many b-schools kill the student dreams of business success early in life. Research indicates that a tiny percentage of business graduates and postgraduates each year are really employable. Most cannot cope up with professional demands and have studied theory alone. Job experiences and internships have failed to fine tune them into dynamic professionals.
In 2017, the multicultural business world is made up of a large number of MNCs that provide challenging and lucrative assignments. The GIBS business school possesses the academic and professional culture that effectively trains cutting edge business leaders who can make a mark. Why is everybody rushing into business studies nowadays? The world is ruled by commerce, finance, banking and insurance that run the wheels of production and industry.
Along with Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, GIBS offers the following specializations:
Marketing, finance, HR management, international business, information systems, tourism and travel management, healthcare, retailing and supply chain management, and banking and insurance.
Highlights of the GIBS training
A long list of dramatic awards and ratings has certainly turned the spotlight on GIBS as a leading b-school in India that it certainly deserves to be. The alumni matter most in higher education and the institute has the best qualified and experienced faculty. Guest speakers possess authentic industry experience and share their secrets with the trainees.
An institution like GIBS can certainly make the difference by launching a career in the right direction. The resources, business connections and the infrastructure are all geared towards student achievement. The 4.5-acre campus in Bannerghatta, Bangalore does feel like a hotspot. The leadership skills go a long way in instilling confidence to take on the complexities of the world of big business. Soft skills are essential creating a rounded personality who is successful in every situation. GIBS creates effective business managers with a sense of values, culture and a shared vision. The record of placements does assure that all the time and money will not go in vain.
GIBS creates postgraduates capable of running small businesses
Working at a secure service is certainly easier than venturing out alone to set up an independent business. It would be sad if all the postgraduates only took up services. From the beginning, the entrepreneurial spirit is built in students. The history of great Indian businesspersons like the Tatas and Birlas is inspiration enough. Yet it would be a mistake to be lost in dreams that cannot be realized.
GIBS offers several courses. Besides MBA plus PGPM, the one-year PGDM is available. Corporate BBM and Corporate BCom are the other courses. The industry integrated MBA is available on weekends.
In many cases, graduation also perhaps contained the same subjects like commerce or business that is now being studied in MBA. And then came some job experience after graduation, perhaps with a company. Further internship for several weeks will be included in the MBA. The foundation of business knowledge has already been laid. Now in GIBS, it is like climbing a career ladder. Not forgetting that schools and colleges are where the battles of life are fought, it is a slow and sure race to success. Case studies, SAP, Sigma and optional foreign tours all serve the purpose of enhanced skills and personalities to weather the storms of business successfully. Rome was not built in a day and it will take long to establish that small business that hopefully will grow to epic proportions in good time.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Prepare to be a Future Leader: An MBA Degree with Leadership skills.

As a student, you might be aspiring to become a future leader in your own domain of interest. But leadership is not just a position or title; it is more about your skills and actions. As a leader, you need to inspire and partner with your juniors, seniors, teammates, and other stakeholders in the workplace, to bring in productive changes to the organization.
Leadership skills have a prominent role to play in the personal as well as the professional life of every individual, in every industry. However, the unprecedented changes that have been recently brought in the management domain, demand greater leadership skills and internal agility. As a student, to make things happen, a strong foundation is essential, and this is exactly where the role of a b-school and an MBA degree enters the scenario.

While there are several ways in which you can work out on your leadership skills and prepare yourself to be a future leader, one of the much-acclaimed ways you can choose to take up, is to head towards an MBA degree that specializes in banking management, that can serve as a means to improve your leadership as well as domain-specific skills.

For a financial sector like banking, an MBA program is certainly much more than the requisite theoretical knowledge. Here, practical learning is a must. An MBA program is designed in such a way that it allows students to gain and develop a lot of important theoretical and practical knowledge, along with unique practical skills and abilities that help them attain heights of success in any industry.

Industry experts suggest that leadership skills form the foundation for other managerial skills and abilities such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, and much more. A leader does not excel from his/her theoretical background, but through acquiring of all of these above-mentioned skills and abilities.

So how do you prepare yourself to become a leader? Well, it is through effective training and by utilizing the opportunities that help enhance one’s leadership skills.

Why are Leadership Skills Vital?

One cannot deny the importance of leadership in every single aspect of the business world. And, yes of course as you know, you cannot become a successful leader unless and until you possess the required leadership skills.

Today, professionals with strong leadership skills have become an essentiality in any organization, and this is primarily owing to their potential for maximizing the organizational efficiency and achieving goals.

Students, who are aspiring for a position within the Management domain, must prepare themselves accordingly to gain their foothold within the sector. Moreover, today’s Management sector is prone to constant changes, and in such times, leadership skills become a necessity to deal with the ongoing and forthcoming challenges.

Thus, as a budding professional in the Management sector, one has to mandatorily gain efficient leadership skills along with sturdy theoretical knowledge as an important step towards success. The right combination of knowledge and practical aptitude largely serves to build and improve a professional’s credibility and competitiveness in the corporate world.

How Can an MBA Program Help Attain Leadership Qualities?

The primary purpose of an MBA program is to create successful leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs, where leadership skill is one of the key qualities that the students are trained for. Unlike the traditional thoughts where leadership was perceived to be an innate quality, today, leadership is viewed as a prominent skill that can be possibly developed through practice and learning.

Moreover, the fast pace world we are in today makes it necessary for every top-level management professional, to possess the core competency that demonstrates effective leadership skills. This is why most MBA programs today approach leadership skills as a key competency rather than an ancillary subject.

Integrated Leadership Training in MBA:

The MBA Program conducted by us, at GIBS, includes integrated leadership training throughout the course. These training sessions help the students to understand the shades of leadership in a practical sense. The training enables the students to learn how to implement their leadership skills effectively in a practical situation and motivate people within that environment.

Apart from this, we also conduct teamwork based projects that help students learn how collaboration and dominance work in groups and how they can manage conflict and responses when working in a team.

Practical Experience from Industry Leaders

Since leadership is a practical skill set, it cannot be attained by simply sitting in the classroom and by looking into the books. Just learning the concept of leadership from the boards or the books does no good. When it comes to preparing yourself to be a future leader, students must utilize the knowledge gained in practical terms from their MBA program to the fullest.

We, at the GIBS, do provide our MBA students with ample of opportunities to learn and gain from the leadership experiences of various industry leaders, CEOs, business founders, Management executives, and others. This not only helps the students to learn from the success stories of the peers, but most importantly, enables them to trace the causal factors behind their failures (if any) and mitigate and avoid such risks in their own course of action.

The MBA Program at GIBS helps provide the students the apt combination of both practical and theoretical knowledge and skills that conglomerate to develop successful leadership qualities and prepares the students to transform into successful leaders of tomorrow. It is constantly reminded to the students that a successful leader has to deal with the rigors of working in today's competitive business environment. But, for that to happen, students have to lay the foundation from the theories and academic research conducted on leadership, and bolster their decisions appropriately, during insurmountable challenges.

When it comes to instilling the leadership qualities in students, an MBA program conducted by the GIBS  can certainly and potentially inculcate essential leadership values in the minds of the students and prepare them to become future leaders for the competitive Management world. With strong leadership, vision, and determination, we are sure our students can surely make their mark in any industry.

Choose your path to success, apply for our MBA Program Today!

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Study for an authentic, professionally oriented world-class MBA at GIBS, Bangalore

Business managers of caliber and international reputation will never go out of fashion, just like the sun. Unless we wish to define the contemporary world in terms of science, industry, and technology, it is a business-oriented world that depends upon manufacturing and production besides finance and marketing. At every step of the way, managers who possess the required skills supervise technical requirements, processes, and distribution. Besides the technical knowledge, soft skills like leadership quality and teamwork are getting more and more important.

Where would ambitious young men and women go to receive such a dynamic business management education? Those who wish to rise in global terms certainly want more than bookish knowledge alone. In terms of numbers, Indian management education stands tall with perhaps 5000 b-schools. Unfortunately, a great majority of them do not measure up to international standards. In terms of global rankings, Indian b-schools and institutes do lag behind, though the syllabi and curricula are at par with the best of American universities.

A few institutions like GIBS in Bangalore hold on to values and deliver what they promise. Two years may not be such a long duration but can make a potential difference professionally towards a lifetime of successful work. A graduation in any subject is compulsory for admission to MBA at GIBS or any other b-school. Business management courses abroad insist on several years of work experience as a necessary qualification for MBA entrants besides the graduation. Indian colleges do not insist on the work experience and that is a serious problem.

Theoretical approaches do not succeed in business management

A manager needs to break away from textbook theoretical approaches and find pragmatic strategies to succeed at the task at hand. It is an action-filled work culture and finding quick solutions, thinking on the feet and working long hours are necessary attributes.

One weakness of the Indian educational system is the excessive dependence upon rote learning. The students who memorize, remember and reproduce the best receive the maximum credit. That ability may be fine to write examinations, but it won’t suffice when managers have to fight corporate battles like advertising wars or financial rivalry.

GIBS trains well-rounded business administrators

 As compared to rote learning, a successful business manager needs lots more courage and daring to take on international competition. Besides all the skills the institute may impart, the managers have to fight their own lifelong battles. They continue to work under the shadow of the dynamic institution. GIBS alumni would be found globally just like many Indians have made it very big in international business. Instead of living in the sweet world of dreams like many students do, perhaps work experience after graduation and two years of MBA at GIBS would jump-start a supremely successful business career.

Several advantages are derived from the strategic location in Bangalore, a global city with a large number of MNCs present, mostly with regard to the IT industry. Thus, internships and industry experiences are forthcoming with great intensity. It is a vibrant and challenging atmosphere where students are motivated to rise and shine and do their best. Getting better acquainted with the requirements of the global management industry is a great living advantage. Knowing the industry at first-hand helps to frame specific goals.
Regarding specializations, to name a few at GIBS, international business and information systems are two new age careers. Healthcare and Tourism and travel management are vast industries globally. Banking and insurance, Retail and Supply Management and Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship are obviously high paying opportunities for dynamic business executives.

International tie-ups bring a global culture

Being exposed to cosmopolitan Bangalore itself is a mighty accomplishment. The international students present in GIBS and close partnerships with institutions abroad create the kind of environment that international business managers need to be familiar with. It may be easier to work in isolated villages where everyone speaks the same language and practices the same religion. Working in international marketplaces like the many mega online businesses requires a different set of soft skills. Being able to adjust with a variety of languages, cultures, and points of view requires broadmindedness and cultural diversity. An isolated member of as remote village community would not be comfortable to work in such multicultural environments.

Top-level institutions like GIBS are few where excellent business managers are born, who pursue a lifetime of success at the upper rungs of the social ladder.  The thousands of mediocre b-schools in India and abroad teach theoretical concepts alone, unsupported by practical thinking and training. A rich case study method of learning along with analytical thinking in a spirit of competition completes the task in creating skilled managers who can think on their feet.

The ultimate reward of attractive placements

Financial and Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Banks, Biotechnology, Cement and so much more – the potential employers who turn up regularly to recruit the best MBA pass outs each year are growing just like the MBA numbers are growing. Perhaps Pharma, Construction, and Retail are more attractive industries according to some people.  GIBS has a network in place that organizes placements and so neither the time of two years or the several lakhs of rupees spent to go to waste. The ROI is massive and students who take educational loans have to wait long years to repay from the salaries that they earn.

In every way, it is a winning spree for the students in this progressive and well-organized institution that does not exploit students as many b-schools in India are doing. Those mediocre b-schools lack the facilities, the faculty, the international network and the industry connections. Reading management books alone would be like an online education or a part-time, short-term management program that brings theoretical knowledge alone.

Train thoroughly and live life exhaustively

GIBS certainly teaches you how to get along well in the fascinating and challenging world of business. Not only do you need to know the market, the economy, and the finance, but develop a taste and a feel for industry specializations and an instinct for success. In the final analysis, it is productivity at the individual and corporate levels that contribute to national and social accomplishments in a world of values.

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How an MBA Degree Helps Strengthen Your Business Skills?

The methods of doing business have greatly changed with time due to the recent developments in technology. In the recent times, strong communication skills are considered to be mandatory for gaining success in any career/industry. As the great motivational speaker Dale Carnegie has said: “Success in any career is achieved by 85 percent of communication skills and only 15 percent of technical skills.”

You can definitely improve your business skills by hitting the road the hard way, i.e. by attaining years of experience in the corporate world. This is a time-taking path though. Another way to improve upon your business skills, which is in fact opted by many every year, and where you get to gain a lot of exposure for a sturdy career, is a full time 2 year MBA program.

The focus of this particular article is on the very same topic, i.e. how earning an MBA degree can help strengthen your business skills, and help achieve success on professional as well as personal grounds.

Every organization, worth its pie in the market, be it big or small, a multinational or national, always seek to hire professionals who are skilled enough and put their best efforts to achieve the goals of the organization that they work for.

Pursuing an MBA program can help implant all the necessary skills in the students that help them perform better when they are put to work in the actual professional world. The degree helps equip the students with the right knowledge and tools in tackling difficult projects, gain an understanding of the best practices, differentiate analysis of benefit and cost, make tough decisions in problematic situations, perform assessments of risk, methods to motivate your team members, and resolving conflicts with the employees.

On the whole, by the time the student completes the course, he/she is instilled with all the necessary business skills that help lay the foundation for him/her to stand strong in the corporate world.
Moreover, owing to the stiff competition among the b-schools to attract the best talents from all across the globe, most of the reputed institutions have really improved upon the curriculum to match the global standards, hired the best of national and international faculty, incorporated practical industry-based learning frameworks, and have associated with top-rated companies to arrange placement drives for students.

In the corporate world, every business segment, from finance to sales, from marketing to human resource, has a business language of its own. For achieving corporate success, you should know at least the basic terminology of all the concerned departments. An MBA degree is the best way to learn these specific skills. You will be taught by the experts to read as well interpret business statements in a way so that you can communicate better with different departments in the workplace and can also draw the best out of your team members.
Let us now look into some of the most important business skills that you can acquire by means of attaining an MBA degree:

Decision Making
While pursuing an MBA, you can get multiple experiences about real-life situations by means of case studies, apprenticeship, company visits, immersion programs, etc. This will make you stand in a good stead when it comes to making tough decisions. You will be taught theories on business management, planning, and the rules that separate a successful strategy from a no-win situation. The modules taught will be in accordance with the recent trends of the business.

·         Problem Solving
Besides this, to be distinguished as a valuable employee and an asset to the company, you should have the ability to analyze tricky situations and come out with the best possible strategies and solutions. Foresight is often termed to be the best quality of a leader. You will be the “favorite” employee of the company if you can calculate a possible crisis that may hit the company in the near future, and guide and prepare the team accordingly beforehand so as to tackle any such unfavorable circumstances.

·         Practicality
Staying alerted and being aware of the latest market trends and practices is one of the most desirable skills if you are working in a business environment. However, just having information about something doesn’t suffice in itself; what’s even more important is having knowledge about the practical applicability and usage. It is thus important for a management professional to clearly understand the difference between the assumptions and realistic targets, and should thus drive the efforts towards attaining the practically achievable goals. The industry-driven curriculum and internship programs which constitute an integral part of an MBA course, help provide the students with a practical mindset to look at and solve the problems.

·  Communication Skills 
Whenever it comes to attaining success in the business world, communication skills emerge as the prime requisite. While some individuals are gifted with excellent communication skills, some have to work towards instilling the same. An MBA program does help inculcate the students with various forms of communication skills, i.e. oral, active listening, writing, group discussion, and presentation, which not only facilitate the overall personality development but also aid in attaining success in the career ahead.

Pursuing an MBA program from a reputed institute not only gives the best ROI in terms of quality education and industry exposure, but also help equip the students with the suitable business skills that are much needed to succeed in the corporate world.

The globe is always in the process of change, and as such, for the management professionals to thrive in the competition-driven corporate world, it is necessary that they keep themselves up to date with the changing trends and practices, and stay in tune with the best of business techniques and methodologies. In that direction, an MBA degree can help pave the way by providing the students with all the requisite knowledge and skills, that turn out to be a sturdy platform for attaining professional triumph.

 We at GIBS firmly believe that an MBA degree is much more about Business and life skills. Explore more at

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Get a head start to a super management career at GIBS, Bangalore

Though b-schools do exist in vast numbers across India and globally too, GIBS presents a unique teaching-learning culture. Isn’t it a bitter irony that Indian students searched for MBA colleges abroad once upon a time decades ago? Nowadays, numerous quality b-schools in India attract students from Asia and Africa in large numbers!

What makes a first rate b-school?

It is hard to define what makes an institute really click. Perhaps it is the sum of all the parts just like the physical body functions. Nowadays, rather than the intrinsic faculty quality and dedication, the international network should be considered first. The affiliations and tie-ups with universities, institutes, and colleges abroad would facilitate student and teacher exchange programs.Thus, a web of connections is gradually getting built up that would become supreme advantages in the professional years. Building upon academic foundations is what every profession tries to achieve later in life.

The location that spells success

GIBS is profoundly lucky to have the Bangalore location in several senses! A global city that distinguished itself as the headquarters of the IT industry, Bangalore is home to numerous MNCs. That would be a mighty advantage as far as internships and placements are concerned.

It is a stimulating cosmopolitan outlook that Bangalore inculcates with the pleasant weather and job opportunities. The presence of a large expatriate population has resulted in deeper understanding between the cultures. Besides, Indians from across the country settle and work here, and have sweet things to say about the garden city. Intellectually and aesthetically, academics and professions, all get a gentle nudge in the right direction. Achievement, success, hard work and dedication across cross-cultural lines is what the city signifies to its ten million inhabitants.

Guest speakers enlighten the students with real life experiences

Most of us still believe that the study involves books and that is partly true. Except that education has transformed so much because the multimedia have taken over. If only books could talk, what would they say? The two-year residential MBA program introduces the trainees to lots more besides books. Creating industry leaders is the challenge for the institution. They achieve the objective through numerous stages.

The task of shaping the personality is a complex one, though backed up by research. Confidence and communication skills, fluency in language and ideas, thinking on the feet, capable of teamwork and effective leadership, these are some facets of the diamond that a successful entrepreneur should possess. Guest speakers have an important role to play in enlightening young minds. They are often celebrities who have spent decades in the industry and shaped the business world. Perhaps they hail from Finance, Human Resources or Chain Supply Management.

The illuminating lectures of Guest Speakers remind of the case study method of teaching that presents realistic situations that actually occurred. Finding answers to the problems presented is what the students need to do. It calls for dynamic thinking and bold decision making.

The Guest Speakers have been through all those trials.  They are now ready to present the cream of their lifetime of meritorious service. For the comparatively inexperienced students, the incidents are eye-openers to practical problems faced in daily life in the industry, healthcare or hospitality, for example.

Training and placements

While medical and engineering courses may be for much longer durations, MBA aspirants have already graduated and carried out work experience. They have already availed of fifteen years of school and college education besides the work experience of a few years. In the prime of their lives, they can think fast and possess the experience and the energy. Dedicated and capable students have a lot to study and many activities to participate in during the twenty-four months at GIBS.

The learning, experiencing and skill-building curve is constantly ascending. Able teachers show them the way with the support of world-class infrastructure. Seminars and presentations, tests and examinations are all working together like a journey up a colossal mountain. The peak will be reached in good time with the placement coming sometime in the third or fourth semester.

Yet the placement procedure is no easy task. Are those rare industry leadership qualities born or made? GIBS certainly believes that the human faculties may be developed through researched methods. When the best minds congregate, the environment transforms to positive learning. Where excellence is a way of life, can somebody be lagging behind? A few who might have personal problems or come from difficult backgrounds do get supplementary help to cope up with the demanding course.


Mysore University in Karnataka and Bharathiar University in Tamil Nadu are the renowned affiliations for the much coveted MBA course at GIBS. Such a degree is a sure passport to management success! Who would not like to step into the shoes of a CEO or CFO in those mighty businesses that have colonised the planet with umpteen branches spread through several countries? Yet the management in such cases certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

How does a manager develop those seemingly superhuman skills to succeed? Where will the cross-cultural experiences come from in a job that shifts you from America to Europe and China? GIBS thought of all those problems and have engineered just the right approaches in students. A love for challenging experiences, a desire to succeed in senior positions and bring renown to the institution, teachers and the country are at the heart of the pioneering students.

Just like fledgeling birds, they are bound to leave the nest at the end of two years but gratitude remains. GIBS is where they learned how to fly in the first place. The ambience of the greenery-filled campus rubs off on the students. A culture of stiff competition where researched ways bring out the best in the organisation is what the best managers practice all lifelong.The long march lies ahead and success will come, usually with the plush placement itself before quitting the institute. Yet the placement is only the beginning of lifelong achievement.

GIBS Business School, Bangalore